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The Diamond Spinx

The Diamond Sphinx - Book Six in The Lost Ancients series

Magic, mayhem, murder, relics, true love, and drunken faeries. Taryn St. Giles has had a very eventful year. And the troubles are just beginning.

Taryn has been through a year of changes—to her and her world. As a digger, she’d searched through the past to find out who the missing elves and Ancients had been. Now she knows the elves and they are helping her uncover the secrets of the Ancients. Secrets she’s not sure she wants to know. A few too many up close and personal encounters with the relics that were left behind leaves her shaken and on the run. Even from the people she loves.

The relics were part of a weapon that led to the destruction of the Ancients. Now Taryn and Alric, must get a goddess, hundreds of faeries, and the rest of their friends to work together to destroy the weapon before anyone can use it again. But when her world comes crashing down around her, will Taryn have the strength to do what needs to be done?

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