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The Obsidian Chimera -- Marie Andreas

THE OBSIDIAN CHIMERA- Book Two in The Lost Ancients Series- Out Now

Archeology and anarchy? Magic and mayhem? Relics and havoc?
All of the above, and Taryn St. Giles just keeps digging.

After the destruction caused by the discovery of the glass gargoyle, the last thing archeologist Taryn St. Giles needs is another elven artifact capable of obliterating the world. But her eccentric new patroness seems hell bent on finding exactly that. An unholy companion piece to the glass gargoyle, the obsidian chimera may be far worse, and it may more than just an artifact. It also could prove deadly to anyone who finds it.

Struggling to unearth the connection between her overzealous patroness, an outbreak of zombie trolls, and an infestation of flying snakes, Taryn also stumbles upon proof that the elves are still alive. She’ll need all the help she can get from old friends and an old adversary who might be more than a friend, because the elves have changed in the thousand years they’ve been missing. Unfortunately, their murderous spells are not a thing of myth. They want the obsidian chimera back. And they won’t let anything, or anyone, stop them from reclaiming it—and the rest of Taryn’s world.

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